5 07 2007

My new blog, “Addicted to Vans?”.

A little background info on myself. I am an avid Vans collector. I have been collecting Vans for a couple years now, but I have been wearing them for a while. (If you doubt me then so be it, but hopefully a collection picture will be up soon.) I collect other shoes but always come back to Vans somehow. Never really thought that Vans would get to the status that it is right now and that is why I am making a blog dedicated to one of my favorite brands of shoes of all time.

I will update this blog as new info comes around and I will update it with my latest pickups. All comments are welcome and additional info is greatly appreciated.

So now introducing “Addicted to Vans?”…




2 responses

15 07 2007

you need to upgrade this blog daily or kill it.

i thought to my myself “finally a vans blog” but need info daily and maybe a trade section.

19 07 2007
Rick Bergez

i look forward to seeing more!

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