Vans Taka Hayashi Pack

28 09 2007

Taka Hayashi has done some great Vans in the past couple years. He did some Syndicate Chukkas, a Simpsons Sk8 Hi and soon to be this full pack consisting of four pairs of shoes. This pack is going to be part of the Vans holiday collection. Taka has been one of the elite artists for the past years. He grew up in Japan, then flew over to Santa Monica where his skateboarding culture started. Through his artistic creations, you can see the 80s skate culture with a vibrant art scene mixed into it. Taka has been around for quite some time and his artistic creations have been highly sought after.

This pack, which is slated to release Holiday ’07, consists of 4 pairs of shoes. The pairs consist of the new Rowley “Shambles”, the AV Sk8 Lo, DD-66 and the TNT III Slip On. All shoes appear to be black suede, with white artistic renderings and a white midsole. Black shoes, white midsole are always okay by me. Be on the lookout for these come winter.

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Image via High Snobiety


Vans “Shearling” Chukka

28 09 2007

Vans news has been running dry, but I guess they keep their news on the low. However, when Vans does drop the news it is always well worth the wait. Well here is some other news about some Chukkas dropping. These Chukkas are suede shearling lined with a full gum sole. Shearling is basically a soft, natural material that is one of nature’s greatest insulators. The fabric is suppose to increase comfort and breathability, as well as be a very soft texture. They come in two colors, one is a cream whitish color and the other is a tan brown color.

Both these shoes are pretty ill. Considering that I really don’t like brownish colored shoes, these caught my eye. The full gum sole sets these shoes off. These should be available at local Vans retailers now or very very soon. Be on the lookout for these.

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Images via Hype Beast & Classic Kicks

Vans Collector Box

19 09 2007

Vans has created a “Collector Box” to commemorate the past 41 years of making sick shoes with such simple colors and styles. The Vans Collector Box comes with 6 of the biggest and best styles of shoes that Vans has come out with. The Collector Box features the styles of an Old Skool, a Half Cab, a Slip On, a Sk8 Hi, a Authentic and a Chukka. Each model of the shoe is a miniature replica of the it’s full grown counterpart. Each replica also features extensive detail from the leather on the Old Skool shoe to the canvas on the Authentic.

This Collector Box is one pretty sick concept that Vans brought to the table. Each box is numbered individually out of 500. So if you can get your hands on this collector’s item, you are one lucky person.

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If ANYONE can help me out in getting this Collector’s Box, please shoot me an email ( I don’t know where to start, but I would really like to have this piece. Thanks in advanced.

Images via We Love Paris

More Vans Spring ’08 Samples

14 09 2007

So, here are more samples from Vans for Spring ’08. Just as I said in my previous post, I was excited to see what else Vans has in store for us in the upcoming seasons. These line sheets absolutely just prove that they are doing big things.

They show more Half Cabs, which is always a fan favorite but what sets this line apart for the previous seasons is that they are doing more Mountain Edition His. The new line also shows the new Iron Maiden Sk8 His and Slip Ons, as well as the new Johnny Ramone Slip Ons. Spring ’08 looks to be very promising and will probably be hitting all of our pockets really hard.

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Thanks again to nattydreadz for the pics.

New Vans Spring 2008 Samples

12 09 2007

So, as you can see there hasn’t been alot of news buzzing around about Vans. However no need to worry, Vans always comes with the heat. Spring 2008 looks to be pretty promising from Vans. They are coming out with a lot of new Half Cabs, which obviously are the majority favorite of many people. I really like what they did with all these pairs. All the Half Cabs look pretty nice (Yes, even the white perforated one) and the Black/Blue pack looks pretty promising too.

I am pretty eager to see what else Vans has for store in 2008. These look to be the first of the bunch that should be dropping in Spring 2008.

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Images via nattydreadz on I.S.S.

RAW Hush Cab Custom Sample

7 09 2007

As far as Vans and customs go, there aren’t many that I have seen that have WOW’ed me. Usually its the checkered Sk8 Hi with different colored checkers or the occasional Slip On with a portrait of something or someone on the uppers. However, this Vans “Hush Cab” custom has WOW’ed me.

This Half Cab was done by bohdus. I am not really sure who he is but he did an EXCELLENT job!

Here is a little exerpt he placed on the NikeSkatboarding.Org thread.

I did these a while ago. Just another plain and simple design-the pigskin suede was too soft, really sucked to work with. I gotta thank NSB’s own graphic guru imperial nsb for hooking me up with the Hush-Cab logo. Eventually I’ll get it printed for the tongue, for now I just figured I’d post something new before I finish up some projects with sharp020’s help.

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By far one of the best customs to date. Big ups to bohdus on this custom. Keep up the good work!

Image via NikeSkateboarding.Org

History Of Vans

6 09 2007

So, just as you all know, Vans is on a huge uprise. I am sure some hopped on the bandwagon and some have been with rocking Sk8 His and Authentics for a while now. Mr. Van Doren himself laid out a very simple series of shoes that have set the record straight on how shoes are viewed. Before it was all about being the loudest person on the block with bright colored kicks, an allover print hoodie and a shirt with a rap star’s face on it. Now it seems that the tables have turned. Yes you still have the loud dressers, but Vans has helped this “streetwear” movement turn into people being more simple.

For all those who don’t know whats up or want to get a good read, you have to check out this “History of Vans” article that Sneaker Freaker did. This article has mad knowledge so be sure check it out HERE.

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Big ups to Sneaker Freaker for doing this great article!