This is a blog that is dedicated to everything that is upcoming with Vans shoes. I will post everything from the newest Chukkas coming out, the rarest and most sought after Sk8 Highs that hit eBay to my newest pick up of the sickest Half Cabs. I will cover every part of the Vans shoe spectrum in the best possible way I can. As time the site will grow, so any help is always appreciated.

You can contact me at: 

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4 10 2007

whats up..rafz! i notice you at NT…and wondering if you could point on the right direction…..been loookin for the vans syndicate halfcabs bulletproof pack….i need all 3 in size7.5…….any help would do, thanks…….peace

16 10 2007

first at all, cool page 😉
i’m searching for vans with brown court (or fake fur)
i hope you can help me on my search
see you,

25 10 2007

Hey this is probably a stupid question but I want to know if there are any release dates for vans or a certain site that tells you when the shoe comes out. Can someone please help me?

25 10 2007

Yo LukasR check the Vans site. If they are the Chukkas that I posted a couple weeks back then they are at Vans stores.

Yo jpogijson Vans doesn’t really have release dates for most of their shoes. Only exclusives have release dates like Supreme Vans, Simpsons Vans, Undftd Vans, etc.

25 10 2007

is there a site with release dates for supreme vans,simpson vans, undftd vans and all the limited edition vans?

25 10 2007

jpogijson you are at the site right now.

25 10 2007

o ok cool thanks rafissaying I love this site man thanks

1 11 2007

please post on girls releases if any : ) oh yeah, and if any of the syndicate or collabs come in boys (girl) sizes!

1 11 2007

What a fab site you have here, Ive been a vans enthusiast for more years than I care to remember. I have a slight problem in respect that my new girlfriend has fallen in love with the ‘when pigs fly’ print but I cant find a pair anywhere could you point me in a direction where I might find a pair.
Many thanks Brian

5 11 2007

Hey, I’m just wondering if any of the new vans posted here are available to buy online..the vans website never seems to be that up to date. I’m looking mostly at the new tnts and the halfcabs. Any help would be great!

5 11 2007

Also, I have pretty big feet at size 14, and the vans site doesnt seem to have anything bigger than 13 except for the custom shoes, so if anyone has a phone number or some place where I can special order bigger sizes thatd be great.

6 11 2007

i love this site. and i just wanted to ask if you know any site that sells the wtaps eras vans?

19 11 2007


nice site. I’m looking for a way to order custom Vans like we used to in the old days–is that still going on?? Thanks.


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