Vans x Paul Smith

1 12 2007

Paul Smith, world renowned designer is going to be another part of a collaboration with Vans. Paul Smith is heading the same way as Marc Jacobs did with his own line of Vans. This pack is suppose to consist of 4 shoes, an Era, a Slip On, a Sk8 Hi and a Chukka. The only pics that have been leaked are of the Chukka and the Sk8 Hi. Paul Smith’s infamous multi-stripe pattern are featured on the inner lining of the shoe, a stripe down the heel of the shoe and on the logo on the tongue of the shoe.

The Sk8 Hi comes in brown with brown suede and canvas. The Chukka features a full grey canvas side panel as well. This pack looks to be part of the Vans vault collection by the Vans logo on the insole of the shoe and will be available in Spring 2008. If these are being compared to the Marc Jacobs Vans line, then these will be just as hot. So make sure not to sleep!

Images via FOOTURAMA


Chungking Express Sk8 Hi

27 11 2007

H U S H has come with the heat again. Remember the Raw HUSH Cab Custom that I posted a while ago? Well the same person has done another piece of art. And might have outdone his previous work.

This time the product was a Sk8 Hi. The Sk8 Hi is known as the “Chungking Express” Sk8 Hi. The Sk8 Hi took about 15-20 hours to complete. Everything on this shoe is restitched except the toebox. The side panels of the shoe feature some elaborate art work. The H U S H tag on the side panel of the shoe is an excellent touch as well. Well done once again mang! More of his work to come as well.

Images straight from the source and

More On Vans x Proper

24 11 2007

Just as I showed you a couple days ago, the Vans Proper pack should be dropping soon. Sneaker Freaker has dropped some detailed pictures of the new Sk8 His that are coming out. The official 3 colorways that are coming out is Purple, Silver and Navy. Just as I mentioned before, the new Sk8 His are using the old “Off The Wall” logo on the tongue. Now we can see in one of the pictures that there is also a Proper logo on the tongue as well. The inner lining is also covered with the Proper logo and the inner sole has the Proper Long Beach logo as well. Also there is a Proper logo tag on the side panel of the shoe where the Vans tag usually hangs. These Sk8 His look even better than what Complex put out in their magazine. More news will be posted when found out but make sure to keep your eyes open for these joints.

Images via Sneaker Freaker

Vans x United Arrows Mountain Edition Hi

19 11 2007

Vans has collaborated once again with United Arrows, a Japanese store. This time they did a model that seems to be getting a lot of attention lately, which is the Mountain Edition Hi. They did two colors, which are gold and silver. Both shoe colors look to be a “foily” type of material along with the infamous white Vans midsole. The gold pair also features a black croc skin Vans Mountain Edition logo on the side panels.

These two shoes are going to be highly sought after. When United Arrows did their first collabo with Vans it was on an Era with a patent leather toe box. If you don’t remember it check it out here, Vans x United Arrows Era. Those went quick and these will be no different. I’m glad to see Vans doing more of the Mountain Edition His this upcoming year. Let’s see what other goodies we get from Vans for the new year.

Images via High Snobiety

eBay Watch Page

16 11 2007

…….is finally up and running. I was having problems with it for the past few weeks and not it is up and ready to go.

I will be updating it on the regular too. Check it out.

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Vans x Proper

13 11 2007

Vans has teamed up with Proper, a store in Long Beach, CA. Proper has been around for a while now and it is good to see that they are getting love from Vans. I am glad Proper got to do these because these are straight FIRE! There are 3 Sk8 His in the pack and it looks like all feature satin uppers and side panels. It’s pretty cool to see Vans letting Proper use the old school “Off The Wall” logo as well. These should be dropping in the near future so keep your eyes out for these. The shoes come in purple, black and a silver/grey colorway.

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Images via Complex magazine but Thanks to pooponer from ISS for posting the magazine scan.

Vans x Neckface AV Sk8 Lo

9 11 2007

Neckface and Vans are coming again with a pair of shoes. Before Neckface did a Sk8 Hi, a TNT II, a DD-66 and a AV Era. Now it looks like Neckface is coming again with his well known art on a AV Sk8 Lo. The shoe features leather with canvas side panels. One thing that makes this shoe pretty nice is the Neckface logo on the back of the shoe. The canvas side panels is here the artwork is.

No release date is slated for these but it is good to see that more people are doing collabos with Vans. Especially seeing them do it on the newer models of shoes. I will keep updated information when these should be releasing.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Images via FOOTURAMA